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PAGCOR: The Filipine Gambling Association

The Filipino Gambling Association (FGDA) was formed to make the gaming and gambling industry more transparent. This is where you can see a definite evolution in the industry that has gone from being dark, murky and shady to something that is becoming quite transparent and open.

This is all thanks to the efforts of the associations and the help that they are giving. Of course, there are still some people who do not like gambling as much as other people do, but this is a fact of life that you cannot ignore.

Gamblers, gambling establishments and all the experts in the gambling industry are working together to make this industry even better and safer.

Now, if you were to talk to some of the casinos or gaming areas that have joined the FGDA already then you will notice that this has made an immense difference.

Several casinos are moving towards joining the FGDA and some have already come on board and are welcoming you as members.

There are now many more people that can easily access the help that the association can give. This also shows that the place and industry are becoming more transparent and of course more open.

Gamblers and casinos do not have to fear of any person or group trying to hinder their rights as a gambler or their rights as a casino. The person that is willing to provide help or will be helping you in any way is the FGDA.

Many people are finding ways to access help for their gambling problem and also ways on how to help themselves with their addiction.

This is not a small achievement and there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to joining the FGDA. You should be proud of your accomplishments.

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